I have my family covered under mediclaim insurance and don’t need portability!

The choice of health insurance for your family is an important decision and can be difficult to navigate. You could choose the right cover for your family with ease and comfort earlier with fewer plans and limited options. Today’s marketplace has changed. You have a plethora of options on family mediclaim insurance making the choice tricky.

Most of us used to cover our families under a health insurance plan offered by our employer. But, things are changing, and to cut costs, employers are deciding to restrict the scope of cover and exclude dependent parents from the employer health insurance plans.

Multiple concerns are to be addressed while purchasing insurance for your family:

  1. Did you consider the current health situation and requirements of our family before your purchase?
  2. Do you choose different plans for your family and have multiple options, all with different costs and benefits?
  3. Are you happy and satisfied with our existing insurance policy and premium.

Health insurance portability is a great option available today to help you evaluate your decision.

You can now decide on your preferred insurance policy for the entire family and not worry about losing continuity benefit. Health insurance portability is a big advantage for customers who have purchased insurance with insignificant knowledge about benefits and are dissatisfied with insurer's services.

Queries about Family Floater Policy Portability